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Corvette Vs Tesla Electric Car – Number Wise

Now-a-days the media is gung-ho about electric cars and everywhere you can read about the $100,000 worth of Tesla electric sports car that is going to hit the market pretty soon. Petroleum prices have skyrocketed in the last year and everyone is feeling the pinch during their visits to the gas stations. This has led [...]

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Tesla Electric Car – Pure Electric Vehicle Worth Your Investment

There are many options for an environment friendly vehicles, the better option could be purchasing an electric car. The benefit of purchasing an electric car is that you not only have an environment friendly vehicle but also save thousands of dollars, which you would have otherwise spent in purchasing gasoline and other expenses. If we [...]

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Tesla Motors Sold To Daimler

Tesla Motors Sold To Daimler? Well Some Of It... Here's the latest news on the maker of the super sexy electric vehicle (EV) [tag-tec]Tesla Roadster[/tag-tec]. [tag-tec]Tesla Motors[/tag-tec] has been sold to the German giant automaker [tag-tec]Daimler[/tag-tec]. But not all over it...only 10%. How much is the Tesla-Daimler deal worth? About $50 million. There is no [...]

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