How To Choose The Right Tire Pressure Measuring Gauge

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How To Choose The Right Tire Pressure Measuring Gauge

Tires are the most over looked and least cared for part in most of our cars. There are many of us who don’t even know how to use a pressure gauge to measure tire pressure.

Considering the U.S. Department of Energy states 3.3 million gallons of gasoline is wasted every single day due to low pressure tires, its about time we sit up and take notice. The right pressure also means safety and longer lasting tires. The catch as always comes with the measurement.

Not all gauges we see are accurate. In fact the free one in your neighbourhood gas station is most likely to be worn out and as inaccurate as they come. Then comes the sliding stick type that still lies as a hand-me-down from our fathers and grandfathers. Chances are they are pretty inaccurate and are getting more so in the long run.

Analog dial gauges are much better when it comes to accuracy but they are not fit for the rugged everyday use. Digital is the way to go, as these slick ones are easy to use, highly accurate and pay for themselves in no time. On top of that they add safety and fuel economy, two things every car owner wants.

Experts say tires lose pressure naturally, about 1 to 2 pounds every month, measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Each of those pounds means your mileage goes down by around 0.4%. Lower the tire pressure the higher resistance tires have from rolling which means your engine is also working harder. Think back and try to remember the last time you checked your tires.

The gas prices are going higher and higher every day. Considering for an average around $3 a gallon for a car that has a 25 mpg mileage, a car with low pressure, neglected tires would need around $60 of extra gas every year. That digital pressure gauge will end up saving more money than you spend on it. Have one in your car and check tire pressure once a month or every alternate time you fill up on gas.

The tire pressure matching your car is usually stickered to the driver’s doorframe or in the owner’s manual (The psi number on your tires are the maximum permissible limit for the tires and may not be suitable for your car). Also remember that the proper tire pressure is set for cold tires, so check for pressure before you start the car or before the one mile mark is reached.

Digital gauges come in varying styles with different feature like backlight screens, LED flashlights and some even have programmable memories to set your cars from and back tire pressure. Costing anywhere from $10 to $40, picking one might be the best things you have ever done for your tires.

Are you looking for the ideal digital tire pressure measuring gauge? If you are, check out the Accutire MS4350B. It is small size, light weight and has a backlight screen.

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