Cleaning Your Garage – You Have To Do It Sometime

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Cleaning Your Garage – You Have To Do It Sometime

We usually have a place in the house where we tend to put away all old and obsolete things. One such place would be an unused or an unoccupied garage.

Over the years, the collection of such items in there will result in it being a haven of chaos. These could be garden tools, broken equipment waiting to be repaired, items that have the probability of having its parts used later, or sporting equipment, mechanic repair tools, even sometimes important things like books, or bags etc which could be left over by children unknowingly.

A disorganized garage or for that matter anything in semblance does not paint a good picture. Years of mismanagement of a garage can lead to some monetary losses also. Let’s look at some ways we can clean up and arrange a garage. The effort can be time consuming and physically straining, and it’s precisely these areas which put off a lot of people from venturing into the task.

The first step would be to first completely strip the garage of everything. There is no way you can avoid this step. This will help in, firstly, getting rid of the trash like old radio and music sets, obsolete items that were invaluable in their time, and garbage by itself. Then things that can be donated to charity can be kept aside. One may always land up finding things that have been misplaced over the years in this process.

Such other items may need to be relocated in the house. Things that can be recycled can fall into another category. The remaining items now will give us a fair picture of how to go about with a makeover for the garage. These will further have to be segregated into seasonal equipment, mechanical tools, sporting equipment, garden tools and as such general stuff.

You may need to start off with a thorough cleaning. This followed by a thorough inspection of any damages, or leaks, or broken furniture, any electric repairs or painting that may be required, will need to be carried out at this juncture. A visit to a home improvement store or a hard ware store at this time will be needed. The various equipment will need to be put in shelves, or cupboards or pegboards or hooks. It will be worth investing in these things to increase the life span of the various equipment.

Additional furniture like a work table will depend again on one’s personal preference. Each shelf or cupboard needs to be stenciled with its name, to help in relocating quickly, especially for the non-frequent users of the garage. This goes a long way in the self-maintaining of the place.

Many readymade items for racks, shelves, cabinets specially designed for garages are available today. The garage organizing industry has been doing pretty well over the years. In fact garage furniture is a special section found in many home improvement stores. Last but not the least one must have a trash or recycle bin to dispose of any waste.

A good security arrangement for the garage can be invaluable. And maintaining things henceforth, by keeping things in its place after usage, will go many million miles to make peace, rather than spelling pieces, leading to from where we started.

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