Frigidaire FAD704DUD – Dehumidifier For Your Garage

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Frigidaire FAD704DUD – Dehumidifier For Your Garage

For dehumidifying your work garages, a low temperature dehumidifier is required. The Frigidaire FAD704DUD is a dehumidifier satisfying this condition.

It is working under desiccant technology in which moisture content in the air is getting removed without formation of ice even in cold conditions. There is facility for continuous drainage of water formation and fitted with auto restart in which it gets started up automatically if power supply gets interrupted during working.

It can dehumidify accurately even at a very low temperature (just a little above freezing) and it will run for weeks without any body attending on it. If you have a boat, it can control humidity in a boat anchored 40 miles away from shore or in a garage building in which an excellent classic car is parked for a spin on hot days.

Years before a dehumidifier identified an apparatus fitted with a compressor, a fan, condenser and evaporator coils. Then all dehumidifiers were refrigerant dehumidifiers which produce cooling effect. It becomes worse in very low temperatures when chilling temperature attains (below 18 degree Celsius / 65 degree Fahrenheit ), ice forms on evaporator coils. Due to this machine require to stop at intermittent to defrost.

You keep the fan running and the flow of air at room temperature keeps the ice melting, but if the outside temperature is too low it takes longer time to melt down. So it is clear that the cooler the air the quicker will be the ice formation and the longer it will take to melt.

Gradually dehumidification becomes less until the apparatus becomes similar to a big fan. At any place where the temperature remains low at or below (10C / 50F ) for long periods a refrigerant dehumidifier is of no use. Certain defrosters are there with active defrosting system. They allows more warm air over the coils which results in quick melting of ice, but they are very expensive.

Even so they are more efficient in cold surroundings. When these type of dehumidifier finds difficult in summer season another kind of dehumidifier got ready in the industry. That is “desiccant dehumidifier “. If you see a TV show featuring a submarine going down in the Mariyanas trench and films some marine monsters living in the dark, glowing themselves, you can get some ideas about the features of these desiccant dehumidifiers.

In very hot summers even these dehumidifiers facing problems. In recent years the desiccant technology becomes more affordable for common man and you can have one as a home dehumidifier. Now these kinds of dehumidifiers find its place at homes.

Under freezing conditions they are helpless but works up to 1 or 2 degrees above freezing point. Now it is affordable for you at your boat, in your garage, tool shed, unheated conservatory, caravan or any other enclosure that gets cold. Even though the dehumidifying technology works, the boats and other places are not regularly visited by people.

So problems like emptying the buckets or interrupted power supply exists. Now facilities increased like continuous drainage, auto restart, electronic controls, a timer and a humidistat are enclosed in a compact light weight package.

An ideal dehumidifier for your comfort at your boat, garage or any other cold places. The Frigidaire FAD704DUD dehumidifier is the most popular and reliable dehumidifier among the units of its kind. It is marketed by a reputable and well qualified supplier. So if you go for a dehumidifier for your boat or garage or any of your outdoor use, the humidifier from Frigidaire is the best low temperature unit for your use. Click on the button on the right to order Frigidaire FAD704DUD from and have it delivered straight to your door step.

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