Makita LCT300W Review – Should You Buy This Makita Drill?

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Makita LCT300W Review – Should You Buy This Makita Drill?

Not all drilling tools are the same. When it comes to design and physical attributes, drilling tools are different from each other – from their case material to their handle or even from their built to their length.

To be honest, it is quite difficult to determine which among them is the best since every boring, repair or drilling job around your house or in the garage has its own specific needs.

For this reason, one might be interested in cordless drills since they are more convenient and efficient in terms of power and electricity usage. One particular model that stands out among the rest is the Makita LCT300W cordless drill.

Makita LCT300W Cordless Drill – What You Ought To Know

Though the LCT300W cordless drill doesn’t carry a topnotch design, it is a tool that is very comfortable to use thus making it an ideal drill for jobs that require long hours. Whether you prefer to do it yourself (DIY) or hire a pro, this tool will make your task easier and more pleasurable. You can be working in your home or use it for drilling purposes on your car, rest assured it is more than capable to handle the job.

You don’t need to put in much strength when you use the drill since its power and torque is enough to pass through hard word – with no fuzzy movements.

With Makita LCT300W drill, it’s time to say goodbye to annoying cables and cords that bother you when you work.

Makita LCT300W – Freedom Without A Cord

Cordless drills have made life easier since they were introduced into the market. Their portability allows the user to move from place to place without having to worry about where to plug the cord as opposed to other brands that are too heavy and bulky to be moved around.

It is good to know that the LCT300W cordless drill is different from the rest. Its slimmer, slight angled forward body feels comfortable when being held. Its rubber grip and light weight keeps the hand and muscles from being strained at the end of the work.

Its body’s balance is also a really good advantage and one can work comfortably even at those angles that are quite awkward to reach. It is also very powerful such that even when working on a rigid piece of wood, it can pass smoothly through like going through a piece of cake.

Makita cordless drill offers another brilliant feature – it has a “Shift Lock Drive” feature that allows the user to switch from drilling to driving mode with no difficulties whatsoever and thanks to its lock feature, it cannot be easily switched back to its previous mode by accident.

Makita LCT300W drill comes in a complete kit that’s sure to suit everyone’s needs. Included with the pack are two batteries that can be used for back-up (especially useful in a huge project), a case and some brushes that can be used to maintain and clean out dust and other foreign objects from inside the tool.

With an 18V power, the drill can guarantee that you can be sure to accomplish even the toughest drilling jobs. If you prefer to combine both power and convenience in drilling, click on the link below to get Makita LCT300W from and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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