Sunforce 50022 Review – Trickle Charge Your Vehicle’s Battery Effortlessly

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Sunforce 50022 Review – Trickle Charge Your Vehicle’s Battery Effortlessly

Honestly, I think solar power is the future of our energy needs. It practically costs nothing and as it is a renewable energy source there will be no energy crisis. Solar power is generated using a solar panel, which converts sun’s rays into electrical energy. The biggest advantage of solar power is that it is eco-friendly and it does no harm to the environment. It is cheaper than any other source of energy.

The Sunforce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger is a device that converts light energy from the sun into electrical energy. This device can be used to charge your vehicle batteries which can store power for later use.

The Sunforce 50022 adds another dimension to solar energy harvesting as it can be used to charge a 12 volt battery on your car, which in turn can be used to supply power to your cell phones, ipods, laptops etc.

The Trickle Charger enables the 12 Volt batteries to remain charged for longer periods. Normally 12 Volt batteries tend to discharge voltage after long use.

The 50022 5-Watt solar charger is designed in such a way that it can prevent such problems. It generates close to 5 Watts or 350 mA which is very convenient. Moreover this trickle charger comes with alligator clips which make the connection you use a lot more flexible.

In addition to that, Sunforce 50022 also comes with a light socket adapter which improves its efficiency to a greater extent. It is the most durable of all chargers of the same kind available in the market.

Ordinary chargers are made of low quality plastic, but the Sunforce 50022 is made from high quality ABS plastic and uses powerful thin film solar cells. For the ease of installation the frame is provided with four holes.

Bright Blue LED charging indicator will let you know when the battery is charging. Another unique feature of this trickle charger which everyone loves is that, it comes with inbuilt protection from over charging and under charging of batteries. The Photovoltaic (PV) charger is very much suitable for outdoor use, may it be your car, tractors, boats, electric fences or anything.

The product is weather proof and can be used in almost any lighting, irrespective of the weather condition. It can work in cloudy or shaded conditions by virtue of the thin film solar cells that this charger uses.

The alligator clips give the advantage of providing a direct connection to the battery being charged. If the charger is mounted properly, you can even use it in vehicles in motion. But if it is not properly mounted, you are not advised to use it, as it can damage the charger.

Sunforce has designed this charger in such a way that, it does not fully recharge the battery rather it ensures that the battery does not overcharge nor discharge. The charger ensures constant voltage in the battery, no matter how long it is plugged to a charger.

You will never have to worry about over charging or discharging voltage. You will get a battery ready for use. Its versatility is the most important feature that attracts people. It can work on cloudy days and in shaded environments. It requires less maintenance as it is very durable and can work for long periods of time.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of it; proper care can increase its life span. The worst conditions it can withstand make it an ultimate weather proof product.

If you are thinking of getting the Sunforce 50022 for your vehicle, click on the button on the right to make your order from and have it delivered to your home.

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