Toyota Prius Battery Problems – Solution Without Having To Go Broke

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Toyota Prius Battery Problems – Solution Without Having To Go Broke

The Toyota Prius battery is an excellent power source and has several distinct advantages as compared to many other popular batteries available in the market. Nevertheless, on many occasions certain major problems are also encountered with this type of battery.

Some of the troubles normally faced in majority of the cases include:

– The battery needs charging once in every two weeks for optimum performance and in order to ensure that it does not get discharged if the vehicle remains unused for more than two weeks.

– A few car owners have complained that even in spite of several attempts, sometimes the vehicle would not start; the reason being the battery had broken down suddenly without any reason.

– Service is below par and the service mechanics are not receptive to offer help in sorting out the problem.

– Although the Prius batteries are very powerful, still surprisingly, they get totally drained out without any prior indication.

These are some of the problems faced quite frequently by the Toyota users regarding their batteries. If any difficulties are encountered by the battery users within the warranty period, the Toyota Company will replace the defective set with a new one. However, after the expiry of warranty period, the user has to bear the cost of replacement battery or expenses connected with its repairs. This will be very expensive for the user.

There are several options to repair or change the battery in case it breaks down after the warranty period. Most of such options will cost around $1500 for a used battery and $3800 if one has to buy a new one.

The battery that creates all sorts of troubles can either be disposed off and a new battery purchased or the existing old battery can be used again by reconstructing it into a fresh one.

However, the best course of action, which would save a lot of money, is to buy a guide for reconstructing or reconditioning the existing battery. The most useful aspect of the guide is that it presents one of the finest methods for salvaging user’s old battery instead of spending a lot of money on a new one.

Is it advisable to invest a huge amount on a new battery for an old car, when there are excellent possibilities to make use of the old battery itself in a most cost-effective manner? In fact, there is no need to spend a large amount of money on a Toyota Prius hybrid battery.

As a Prius owner, you should also remember that you need not reconstruct the battery on your own if you do not have either enough time for this or you do not like to take up this type of work. Various local mechanics will be able to reconstruct the old battery for you with the help of this guide…with a fee of course.

Although entrusting the job of reconstructing to a mechanic will cost a little more than undertaking it as a ‘do-it-yourself’ project, the additional cost to put the Toyota Prius battery back in a perfect condition will be only around $500. If required, you can carry out a little research before getting your old battery reconditioned.

You can also consult a few people who have rebuilt their old batteries for only a few hundred dollars and have been getting good results from the reconditioned batteries.

Toyota Prius DIY Battery Replacement Guide

If you are looking for a Toyota Prius battery replacement guide on the web, head over to and learn how you can replace a Pruis old and troublesome battery at a cheaper cost.

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