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A Brief History Of The Volkswagen VW Beetle

Beetle is famous in the car industry for a quite a long time. The beetle’s first launch was in the year 1938 and its manufacturing continued in various variants all through the years beginning from 1938 to the year 2003. There is no dispute on the archetypal richness of VW Beetle in the record of motor vehicles.

When one mulls over the rich traditions of VW Beetle, it evinces lot of curiosity in every minds. An innovative plan to catapult the growth of VW Beetle is from Adolf Hitler and it was code named as VW Bug.

The plan to launch a “peoples car” came in his mind when he was behind the bars in the year 1924. He aimed at a car that could be at reach for all as well as wanted a project that alleviates the problem of unemployment that prevailed in the in post WW1 Germany.

When the Nazi party swiped in to power, Hitler proposed his plan to build unique roads for the people’s car and in 1933, the project code named “autobahns” was formulated for the German drivers. The name Volkswagen (VW) in German was christened for the peoples car.

Hitler masterminded the design of project for the Beetle and the Ferdinand Porshe took the mantle given by hitler. After that, “Porsche” cars bearing his name were cruised through the roads. Hitler fixed certain parameters such as a high speed of 62 mph (100 km/h) and a gallon fuel consumption of not less than 42 miles.

The saloon capacity to cruise around with at least 2 adults and 3 children. The sales price, which should not exceed 86, pounds (UK currency) so that to make it as a most reasonably priced car. These said occurrences catapulted the launch of the VW Beetle that brand’s as the most after sought vehicle in the record of motor vehicles.

The most discussed issue was the engine for the car as well as the position of the engine in the car. The issue was resolved in 1935, with the Austria engineer’s design. His flat four engine design gave the final shape. Porshe resolved its placement by keeping it in the rear. The engine with its air-cooled design make was affordable and this engine became the heart of thousands of beetles that cruised through the roads for the past 40 years.

Adolf Hitler christened it with the nomenclature. He christened the car as Beetle as it epitomized a “look like a beetle” and so commercialized with it. Later it got a shift as “Bug”.

In the record of VW Beetle, its body shape was less fluid over a number of decades. The core chic of the VW Beetle was less fluid over the decadal. The model’s variants were wide at the same time all retained the core beetle outline with the engine bore a least shift. When their models reached the peak of a global fame, Volkswagen Beetle bid a farewell in 1980.

VW Beetle may not claim it as a globally acclaimed car in its speed. It has a capacity to reach a 0-50 mph in a time span of 13 seconds which may not match with the present cars in the market. It has gained its name and fame from other features. It has a price that is reasonable. It was easy to handle and can be banked upon.

It has a motor of tiny nature and the brainchild of Hitler, He stipulated a capacity of 42 mpg, but that could run only for 30 mpg. In spite of all said odds, it good maintains its supremacy over the high tech cars available in the current market.

What are all said here are the rich traditions of VW Beetle? The car managed to retains its global fame as a archetypal car. It could encompass a wide array of excellent small – sized cars, which includes the VW Golf. The sales turnover crossing billions, it gave a foundation for other motor vehicles. A good reference for the said claim is the dune buggies that got its imagination from the plain VW Beetle chassis.

When you mull over the rich traditions of Beetle, it is quite fascinating. When one is motivated and on the lookout for a VW Beetle, used Beetles are there. It is available in an array of good quality as well as in good numbers. The said ones are repaired Beetles in large numbers in the hands of car clubs formed under the aegis of Beetle owners.

If you want to be a proud owner of a VW Beetle, which was a trendsetter in the world of automobile makers, ride away one. The reminiscent of the traditions of VW Beetle echoes the view that it is one among the globally acclaimed cars.

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