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3 Tips On Buying An Old Volkswagen VW Beetle

Are you on the search for a second-hand Volkswagen Beetle? My search is very recent and was like you on the lookout for it. Let me share my piece of mind on modus-operandi followed to get my crazy small car.

1) Searching Online.

The initial way was to look it out in the local Canadian website by name Auto Trader. The Canada is the place of my residence and there must be one at US to offer the Volkswagen brands of car to you. I was on a frenetic search initially for the Volkswagens.

I was not too choosy as to go for Jetta or Beetle. My option was open for Golf too. When I was on the full swing in finding one, I was swayed by the plan to have a Beetle. My memories on Herbie, the love bug were fresh and my interest was always to become an owner of Beetle as I become a blonde girl.

2) Timing Belt Issue.

Whenever I was trotting for my car, my intimate was with me. Since I am naïve of cars as well as not an expert in haggling in for a best second hand car, my intimate did it all. The knowledge with the second-hand dealer sales man on the timing belt status of the resale car is vital. Unfortunately, they lack knowledge about it.

The timing belt requires a makeover after the car has crossed 15K. So, our knowledge about is necessary and this will save $700 for us, since a new timing belt may require that much amount.

3) Finding a Car in Good Shape.

When you are up to a second-hand, it requires a thorough home work. We have to thrash out a lot. What are all that are here down?

– A nice body – The rust are the enemy of the car. Rust are the beginning and it spreads quickly, so do not go for such cars. The scratches and dents may be traced and noted. We are not here to get a car of cent percent perfect but it should be in a nice shape at least.

– Tires not so old – It is very basis that tires are costly and going for a new tires is not an easy proportion at once. Therefore, look for cars with tires are in a proper shape.

– A recently changed Timing belt – When this point is a repetition, the stage of the timing belt is vital and ensures that it needs no replacement.

– Comfortable interiors – A poorly maintained interiors may not augur well. It may reflect on the condition of the car as well as the poor maintenance of the other parts of the car too,

– Lesser kilometers travelled – Lesser kilometers intend a meaning of lesser wear and tear for the vehicle. The budget for my car was in between 150 – 200K.

– The person from whom you can confidently buy – It may be frightful to get a second-hand car from strangers. It may find you in a tight corner on whom to believe. Here, the dealer was a member in the Used Car Dealers Association (UCDA).

This membership gave me the confidence to buy from him as well his 14 years expertise in the business of selling second-hand cars reinforced my belief on him. Now what all read above are the basics for you to go and grab a bug. I bid adieu with best wishes to get a nice and suitable Volkswagen New Beetle catering your needs.

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