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VW Electric Conversion Cost

How much does it cost to convert a VW Beetle to electric?

Some people have been wandering, how much does is cost to convert their old VW Beetle to electric. The video below shows a pastor with his [tag-tec]VW electric vehicle[/tag-tec]. He got his Bug converted to electric with an investment of $6000. The EV runs on 72 Volts of electricity and has a top speed of above 50 mph. Mileage per charge is about 30 miles. I’m sure you can extend the mileage by adding more deep cycle batteries into to the batteries bank.

$6000 investment to convert a gasoline driven VW Beetle to electric seems a bit high to me. The whole retrofitting job can be done at a cheaper cost. But there is some preliminary work you have to do. You will need to source for cheap electric motor at EBay and also source for used or reconditioned batteries. If you are keen to find out how you can save cost in your EV retrofitting, you can check out these electric car conversion guides on the web.

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