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Homemade Electric Car Project Frequently Asked Questions

With soaring fuel prices, increasing number of people are constantly exploring various options to meet their transportation needs. Among them, electric cars are the most preferred option by numerous car owners and assembling or converting the existing cars at home from electric car kits available in the market as a do-it-yourself (DIY) task has become [...]

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Corvette Vs Tesla Electric Car – Number Wise

Now-a-days the media is gung-ho about electric cars and everywhere you can read about the $100,000 worth of Tesla electric sports car that is going to hit the market pretty soon. Petroleum prices have skyrocketed in the last year and everyone is feeling the pinch during their visits to the gas stations. This has led [...]

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Why You Should Own An Electric Bicycle Right Now!

Electric bikes are in vogue and its utility is similar to the conventional bicycle. It gets an extra aid from an electric motor to accelerate in its forward motion. Federal Law has fixed a limit on the category of its motor, which up to 750 watts of power and a speed contained within 20 miles [...]

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