Recondition Dead Car Battery

The following is a very interesting video that I found on YouTube. If you are wandering how to recondition a dead car battery to reduce you EV conversion project cost, watch the video below.

There are a total of 6 steps to recondition a dead battery. These steps are:
1) Clean the battery terminals
2) Check battery voltage
3) Test the cells
4) Battery load test
5) Hydrometer test
6) Adding battery reconditioning chemical

Why do we want to recondition a dead battery? To save cost of course. A brand new [tag-tec]deep cycle battery[/tag-tec] can be quite expensive. Purchasing 10 to 15 units of new battery for your Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car can be very costly and may defeat the purpose for electric retrofitting.

According to EV Conversion guides such as Convert 2 EV, you can find many dead batteries at the golf courses. You get it from the technician that services the [tag-tec]electric golf carts[/tag-tec]. By using reconditioned batteries, you can drastically reduce your homemade electric car cost. If you are keen to bring dead battery to life, you can check out Battery Reconditioning Guides available on the internet.