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DIY Electric Volkswagen (VW) Beetle From Otsego, Michigan

What would a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle look like if you were to convert it to run on pure electricity? Well, firstly, if you were to paint it candy red with lightning bolts painted on the front of the hood, it will look damn cool!

That is exactly what Dale Kling of Otsego, Michigan did to his […]

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Does Epsom Salt Revive a Battery?

Electric Vehicle Conversion Shop in Kansas

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Benefits of Driving a Home Made Electric Car

Cut Gasoline Cost Forever with a DIY Electric Vehicle

Ever wonder how is it like driving a home made electric car? Driving an EV is actually quite similar to driving a gasoline driven car. The only difference is the feeling that the car is heavier due to the additional weight of the batteries. But it is […]

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