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DIY Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Car Conversion Kits for Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts

If you are good with hand tools and familiar with the workings of a car, you may consider to convert your gasoline driven car into a pure electric vehicle (EV).

To start your own retrofitting project from your home garage, there a few things you will need to do.

You should start sourcing for all the parts such as electric motor, electric controller, contactor, voltmeter, shaft coupler etc. The whole process can be quite tedious and quite time consuming.

To help you to reduce the time to source for all the parts, I have got to know an electric car conversion professional from New Your City, Mr George C. He is offering complete [tag-tec]DIY electric car conversion kits[/tag-tec] for those who are planning to do the modification themselves immediately.

There are 4 electric vehicle conversion kits offered by George. Each of the kits have different maximum vehicle speed ranging from 40 mph to 75 mph.

The cost of the conversion kits ranges from USD2499 to USD5600. Unfortunately, George only delivers the conversion kits within the United States.

The good news is, if you are doing your DIY electric car conversion in the US, the shipping for all the kits are FREE.

All the details of the conversion kits will be included in my next posts. In the mean time, if you are keen to get your hands on the kits to start your conversion project, feel free to contact me at treyy77 (at) yahoo [dot]com and I will hook you up with George.

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