Convert2EV Scam – Is Les Oke Convert2EV a Fraud?

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Convert2EV Scam – Is Les Oke Convert2EV a Fraud?

Maybe you’ve seen some ads on the Convert2EV e-book. Maybe you’ve even visited their web site at . But is Les Oke’s Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion guide the real deal or is Convert2EV a scam?

If you have never bought anything from the internet before, it is understandable why you may feel a bit anxious when buying something from the internet. You can’t be too careful or you might be taken for a ride.

My Experience With Convert2EV

Les Oke’s Convert2EV manual was the first e-book on homemade electric car that I bought and that was more than 2 years ago. Back then, the global crude oil prices were hitting a dizzying level of $100 per barrel and many car owners were getting very nervous about rising gasoline cost. Some have started to look for a cheap way to reduce their transportation cost and that sparked my interest in pure electric cars.

Back then, pure electric cars are very expensive and they still are now. One of the cheaper alternatives was to convert your conventional car to electric. I wanted to know what’s involved in a DIY electric car conversion project and that’s why I bought the Convert2EV guide.

So, what can you learn the DIY electric car conversion guide?

Firstly, you will learn what are the works involved in a homemade electric car project. Les Oke begins by teaching you how to look for a donor car for your EV conversion project. Next, you will learn about all the key components of an EV such as the electric motor, electric controller, metal adapter plate, deep cycle batteries, charge controller, volt meter, amp meter etc.

One thing good about the Convert2EV e-book is the language it was written. Les understands that most of us are not car mechanics and we may not be able to understand some of the technical jargons. Luckily, the language in the manual was keep very simple so anyone can read it and understand it.

Should you buy the Convert2EV e-book? If you are planning to start an EV conversion project from your home garage or outsource the entire conversion work to a professional mechanic, you should definitely get a copy of the manual.

If you are planning to pay someone to do the conversion for you, Les’ e-book will give you some information on the science of a DIY electric car.

Have you heard of the term “Knowledge is Power”? By reading the e-book, at least you will know what are the components needed for the EV retrofitting process. Now you don’t have to worry about being charged for unnecessary work or parts for your EV.

Les Oke’s Convert2EV e-book is relatively cheap as well. You can get a copy of it for only $49.97. Click on the link below to visit Les’ web site.

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