Now that you’ve understand the benefits of owning an Electric Vehicle (EV), you are really keen to convert your gasoline powered car to use electricity. Unfortunately, if you were to send your car to a professional workshop to be retrofitted into an EV, it will cost you more than $4000.

The figure is very high and is beyond the reach of most people. The alternative is to convert a car into an electric vehicle via a Do It Yourself (DIY) at your home garage.

Before you begin, it is important for you to have at least some basic understanding of electric car modification process. You can gather the information from numerous electric car retrofitting guides from the internet.

The main idea is to remove the internal combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor. Without the engine, all its associated components such as gas tank, fuel distribution lines and radiator would have to be removed also.

The next step for your DIY project is to get ready the tools you will need. The following are 9 essential tools you will need to convert a car into EV at your home garage.

1) Jigsaw – For cutting of batteries rack metal frames.

2) Small Grinder – To smooth out rough edges.

3) Various wrenches – To tighten or loosen bolt and nuts.

4) Socket set – To tighten or loosen fittings or fasteners.

5) Various screwdrivers – To insert and tighten, or to loosen and remove screws.

6) #80 sand paper – A medium grit sand paper for sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing.

7) Work bench – A stable platform for working.

8 ) Welding equipment – For welding of batteries rack frames, brackets for the electric motor etc.

9) Hoist – For heavy lifting of the internal combustion engine and the electric motor.

Most of the tools listed above can easily be bought from a local hardware store. For item that is expensive and you may only use it a few times, such as a lifting hoist, you can consider renting it for a day or two.

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