DIY Electric Car Conversion – The Cheaper Way To Own An EV

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DIY Electric Car Conversion – The Cheaper Way To Own An EV

If you were to ask anyone who has sent their gasoline driven car to a professional workshop to be converted, they will tell you DIY electric car conversion will definitely be a cheaper way to own an [tag-tec]electric vehicle[/tag-tec] (EV).

This is not surprising when there are many Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion guides on the market. Even a ready made electric car conversion kit cost around $400 – $500. It is a wise investment if you are spending thousand of dollar a month on gasoline.

There are some challenges in doing your own EV conversion. One of the setback is the material included in the electric car kit does not have sufficient detailed information.

Most of the literature include may not be easy to understand or user friendly. It is understandable because the guides are meant for experienced mechanic.

If you are very well versed with the inner working of a car and have been maintaining your own vehicle for years, a [tag-tec]DIY electric car conversion[/tag-tec] may not be too difficult for you. Your challenge is to get the conversion done in the least amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.

For a novice or amateur, you would have to allocate some time to kick off your EV conversion at your home garage. You will be spending hours in your workshop to retrofit the car.

Even though to convert a conventional car to EV is not a complicated process, it is devious and labor intensive work. If you have a buddy who is willing to help, be grateful for his assistance.

Although a homemade electric car is a painstaking and slow process, doing it yourself does have its advantages. Depending on how far you drive on a daily basis, you will be saving around $100 – $200 a week just by driving your electric

car. If the local gasoline prices were to go up again, the saving from using your EV will be even more substantial.

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