Is It Possible To Convert A Gas Car To Electric Under $300?

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Is It Possible To Convert A Gas Car To Electric Under $300?

Converting a Gas Car to Electric Under $300

I have been reading a couple electric car conversion guides that I bought lately. The authors claimed that they have converted their gas car to run on electricity for under $300.

Can you really do the conversion for that kind of budget?

Honestly, I think it is going to be a very tough project if you limit yourself for only $300. I don’t think it is impossible, but you would need a lot of preliminary preparation.

The bulk of the cost for a DIY electric car conversion is in the batteries and the DC electric motor. No doubt the guides will teach you how to get used or reconditioned batteries from electric golf carts and from industrial areas. The challenge is the time you have to invest to source for all the batteries.

A used electric motor will also cost at least $150. The best option for you to find cheap electric motor is from EBay. That will depend largely on your luck. Sometimes when you go to the listing site, you may not see any electric motor up for auction. You may have to wait weeks or months to find the right electric motor.

Lets face the fact, converting a gasoline driven car to electric under $300 is not impossible, but you have to do a lot of leg work. That investment has not include all the tools needed for your retrofitting project.

You may have to buy or rent new tools for the project. If you really want to have a success electric vehicle conversion, you would need to invest at least $3000.

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