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Top Ten Electric Car Club In America

Many electric car owners, especially in the United States like to show off their DIY electric car conversion. That has lead to the establishment of numerous electric car clubs. The following is the list of Top Ten Electric Car Club in America:

1) Electric Cars Owners Club
The Electric Car Owners Club was started in 1982 by Frank Didik as an informal association of electric car owners and enthusiasts. At that time, interest in electric cars developed during the second gasoline crises in 1977, had died out, and it was very difficult for electric car owners to obtain information on maintaining and improving their electric cars. The club acted as a focal point for electric car owners.

2) Methacton Electric Car Club
The Methacton Electric Car Club has been in existence since 2001. They are an extracurricular, high school club with 15 active members, based at Methacton High School, in Norristown, PA. They maintain, as well as continually develop a battery electric vehicle known as, The Lorax. The club works with faculty sponsors, members of the community and local and national sponsors, to continually develop the car’s technology and energy efficiency.

3) Milwaukee Electric Car Club
The Milwaukee Electric Car Club is dedicated to Electric Cars, electric car technology, building electric vehicles. Milwaukee Electric Car Club has members who converted gasoline vehicles to Ac & DC powered electric vehicles.

4) Fox Valley Electric Auto Association
Fox Valley Electric Auto Association, the FVEAA for short. They are the northern Illinois chapter of the Electric Auto Association and they meet each month.

5) Santa Monica Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Club
NEV Clubs are on the rise. Forming a club enables members to explore the many uses of NEV transportation in their community; thereby promoting a clean, quiet, and pleasant environment. A NEV club consists of a group of people who are passionate about low-speed vehicles and are interested in making a difference in their community.

6) Eastern Electric Vehicle Club
Founded in 1980, the E.E.V.C. is a grass-roots network of people from all walks of life interested in the potential of alternative powered vehicles. As the need for alternative energy grows, so does the importance of exploring alternative energy resources.

7) EV Club Of The South
The EV Club Of The South is for EV drivers, their families and others interested in electric vehicles and is a chapter of the EAA Electric Auto Association.

8) Gateway Electric Vehicle Club
Gateway Electric Vehicle Club is a registered chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA) made up of individuals living in the Saint Louis area that believe electric vehicles (EVs) are an important part of the solution to our global energy crisis. The main goal of the club is to raise awareness around the benefits of EVs.

9) Austin Area Electric Automobile Association
The Austin EV is a group of people who gather to discuss electric vehicles, their construction, the technologies that make them work, and how we can further their continued re-introduction into central Texas.

10) Noe Valley’s Electric Car Club

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