Do You Need A Clutch For DIY Electric Car?

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Do You Need A Clutch For DIY Electric Car?

Clutch Or No Clutch?

Do you need a clutch for a DIY electric car conversion? Some people would prefer a clutch system on the EV to shift gears on the go. In fact, when you are driving a homemade electric car, you can just leave it in 2nd or 3rd gear. All you have to do is shift it into gear, press on the accelerator pedal and off you go.

Just to show you a DIY electric car does not need a clutch, the video below shows good old Gavin Shoebridge removes (grid off) the whole clutch pedal of his [tag-tec]Mitsubishi Tredia[/tag-tec] electric donor car.

Convert Your Own Electric Car

Want to know how to convert a conventional automobile into a plug in electric car? If you do, download the 20 DIY Electric Car Conversion Videos e-book.

The e-book will show you videos of homemade electric cars and the different components needed for the conversion project. Click on the link below to download the free e-book now!

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