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DIY All Electric Automobiles – How To Get Started?

Homemade All Electric Automobiles

One benefits of driving an all electric automobile is having less trip to the gas station. Unless you want to use the rest room or buy candy at the service station, you wouldn’t have to go there anymore.

All electric car, as its name suggests, use purely electricity for power. To generate torque, the vehicle uses either a AC or DC electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine (ICE).

How To Own An EV?

For the time being, all electric automobiles are still relatively expensive compared to a conventional vehicle. A good sedan EV from the manufacturers would cost upwards of $40,000. Some district is cheaper because the local government offers grants.

Alternatively, you can own an EV by building one at your home garage. Many car enthusiasts are converting a gasoline driven car to run purely on electricity.

Electric Car Conversion Process

If you want a homemade all electric automobile, first, you have to get a donor car. The donor car is basically the vehicle that you will be converting to EV.

What is the criteria for a donor car? First, it has to be rear wheel drive. Second, make sure there is ample storage space for the batteries. A DIY electric car would require 10 – 15 units of lead acid batteries. To save cost, you can look for a donor car which has a busted engine.

Electric Car “Heart Surgery”

The idea of a DIY all electric car is to remove the internal combustion engine and replaces it with the electric motor. When the engine is gone, all the connecting parts such as gas tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, radiator, exhaust pipe etc are redundant and can be removed as well.

To generate torque, the electric motor is connected to the existing transmission unit. By having a rear wheel drive donor car, the process of lining up the motor with the transmission will be much easier.

How do you join both the motor and transmission shaft together? You will have to use a device known as a universal coupler and adapter plate. To line up the shafts, you have to custom made a medal bracket for the electric motor.

Not everyone can perform a DIY electric automobile from their home garage. It requires machine tooling skill and also electrical wiring knowledge. If you are not good with hand tools, it may be a better idea to outsource the conversion work to a professional mechanic.

Convert Your Own Electric Car

Want to know how to convert a conventional automobile into a plug in electric car? If you do, download the 20 DIY Electric Car Conversion Videos e-book.

The e-book will show you videos of homemade electric cars and the different components needed for the conversion project. Click on the link below to download the free e-book now!

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