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Converting Gasoline Car To Electric In USA

If you were to read the news on the current automobile industry, almost all major car manufacturers are planning to manufacture and sell pure electric vehicles (EV). There is going to be a major shift in global transport industry from fossil fuel to electric power.

Unfortunately, the introduction of EVs to the mass market is still very slow. There are only a handful of electric car models available in the market right now.

Due to the slow responsiveness of the automakers, many electric car enthusiasts are taking matters into their own hands. They are literally ripping out the internal combustion engine of their conventional automobile and replacing it with an electric motor.

To power the electric motor, a bunch of deep cycle batteries are stringed together to provide sufficient electricity for the DIY electric car to travel a range of approximately 50 miles.

How big is the homemade electric car market? In the United States alone, there are over 1,500 cars registered as a pure electric vehicle and the number is keep on rising.

There are a couple of reasons why DIY electric car conversion project is so popular in the US. One of the key factors is local made parts. Most of the EV conversion components such as the electric motor, controller, deep cycle batteries, charge controller etc are made in America.

There are many advantages when you have lots of local made parts. One of it is cost. When everything can be ordered locally, you will save a lot of money on transportation and shipping costs.

If you are staying outside of the United States, have you tried ordering an item weighing over 50 kg? The shipping charges will cost you a bomb!

If you are staying in America and you are a DIY electric car enthusiasts, thank your lucky star you have many local EV parts and components supplier. You can make your own homemade electric car with a relatively smaller budget compared to those staying outside the United States.

For those that are not staying in USA, you either have to pay a higher cost for the parts or be contented with cheap parts from China. My advice is, spend the money and get good quality components for your home build electric car.

Homemade Electric Car Guide

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