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Electric Car Conversion Kit – Getting Started With EV Conversion

These days there is more awareness about the overall health condition of the Earth, people are looking for various potions to reduce and eliminate the use of fossil fuels. This has even become more important due to the air pollution and noise pollution which is the result of our dependence on the fossil fuels.

One of the unique options is to get our gasoline powered vehicles converted into electric run vehicles. The gasoline powered vehicles emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere and electric motors have nothing to emit, we will at least have some clean air to breath.

The total cost of converting the car into the electric car should between $5,000 to $10,000 which depends upon the car and the type of parts used in the conversion. There are many types of electric car conversion kits available in the market and more are in the pipeline.

Such new introductions will definitely bring the cost down and make it within the reach of the common man. There are two components in the electric conversion kit regardless of their cost, a DC controller and a DC motor, most of the components like motors and controllers come from forklift industry another point to note that most conversion kits are made for the cars with manual transmission rather than standard engines.

You must also decide about the level of voltage output when converting the gasoline powered vehicle to the electrical one. Most of the cars can operate between 96 and 192 volts, the voltage output determines the number of batteries and the type of the motor.

There are normally three types of batteries available for the conversion of the electric car, these are golf cart batteries, and high performance sealed batteries and marine deep-cycle lead acid batteries.

One of the major advantages with the marine deep-cycle battery is its cost and is available almost everywhere including the Walmarts. The electrolyte used in these batteries is usually gelled, absorbed glass mat or flooded.

The flooded are the cheapest ones but it has the tendency of losing power. The total number of steps are about seventeen; these can be easily followed if you have a reasonable knowledge of the engine. You have to start with removing the gas system, engine, exhaust system, clutch and sometimes radiator also.

The biggest task is the wiring when converting to the electric mode; this is the most complicated procedure. But once the conversion has taken place there is no external difference between the gas powered or electrical powered vehicle.

The only big difference is refueling and noise which is almost not there with electrical powered vehicle. There is no noise or air pollution with the electrical powered cars. It would really be amazing to see that when back from work, you charge your vehicle with solar power or wind power instead of going to pumps for gasoline. You will be thrilled when you feel that you have in fact become an environment savior by reducing the pollution level both air and noise and in fact contributing something to the Earth.

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