The Inception, Growth And Challenges Of The Electric Car Industry

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The Inception, Growth And Challenges Of The Electric Car Industry

The recent happenings in the car industry are worth watching, a major impact has been made by electric cars in the entire automobile industry. The car industry which was traditionally manufacturing gasoline-engine cars is thinking out of box to explore the possibilities about the launch of pure electric vehicles (EV).

The rising prices of traditional fuel, its side effects like carbon emission are really hard to bear. The alternative is to use neat and clean energy, which lies only in using green electricity and this seems to be a viable solution.

In fact, we must understand about the electric cars, where traditional cars use gasoline to run, electric cars run on electricity which is stored in plug-in-battery packs for acceleration, speed and easy maneuvering.

Another energy which can be used to run the vehicles is being explored and still in the experimental stage, this is solar energy. This will be another revolution in the car industry which can use power of Sun. Another vehicle which is already running in many countries is hybrid vehicle; this car can run both on gasoline and electricity.

The interesting point to note is that electric cars were already very popular in the late 19th century until 20th century. These cars were more popular than gasoline powered cars, this continued till the combustion process was developed. This is also true that electricity propulsion offers more comforts than the gasoline run vehicles.

The internal combustion engine (ICE) technology pushed back the development of electrical cars; this was only because of the quick refueling of the gasoline and the improved driving range. Eventually the further development of the technology pertaining to electrical cars suffered and slowly the market of these cars faded.

Now due to high emission level and the cost of gasoline has compelled the manufacturers to further develop the technology and remove all the hurdles which are associated with the electric car. These cars are eco-friendly and the running cost is also very low, the engine too is less complex as compared to gasoline powered vehicle.

The main deterrent in the purchase of an electric car is the initial cost, high cost of batteries and recharging the batteries. The manufacturers are working very hard to remove all the hurdles so that these cars can be used by masses. This too is a fact that electric cars are suitable only for short distances, but some of the governments across the world are offering tax incentives.

There has to be mass development of infrastructure like setting up of quick recharging stations, this will help in increasing the range of these cars. These cars are quite eco-friendly with no emissions, but these cars use electricity which is stored in the batteries, the conventional electricity comes from the power grids which produces greenhouse gases during the production of electricity.

One has to explore other sources like solar power, wind power, geothermal or water energy; such a move can solve the electricity problem and can be used even for homes and other electric devices including electric cars. This is a fact that the in future lies only in electric run vehicles, government has also realized it and is providing all the assistance possible.

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