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Custom Electric Car Conversion Kit – EV Conversion Project

If you are fed up with your old fashioned internal combustion engine car, this is the right time to do something which is really creative, paying and environmental friendly. The bet and unique option is to get your car converted into an electric car by installing the conversion kit.

Many people across the world and also in the United States are fed up with the rising gasoline prices and people do not earn enough to afford the rising gasoline prices. They have to spend a good chunk of money on the purchase of gasoline and very little is left to meet the other expenses.

Some of the options considered by many nations are to find alternative energy source which can replace the present gasoline and diesel. There are experiments going on use of LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) or bio-fuels derived from the plants that can potentially run the vehicles with same power as with fossil fuels.

Some nations are also trying to use water and recycled cooking oil as the alternative fuel to power the engines of the vehicles. But these are still in the initial stage of testing and the safety has not been established as yet.

One has to also see the supply of raw material for running the vehicles on the bio-fuels. In the United States, many people have been testing on converting the car’s internal combustion engine to run on the electricity. The results will encourage the big companies to approve and manufacture electrically converted cars or start selling the electrical conversion kits to people at the affordable prices.

Such effort will help people to cope with the rising prices of fossil fuels. In the United States, many companies are selling converted cars and many people are opting for it to get rid of their old fashioned cars.

Such a conversion requires complete removal of the internal combustion engine and its parts to be replaced by the electric conversion kit. Batteries being an important component are added and the wire system is connected as per the requirement so that the car gets the electricity to power the motor.

The entire conversion should cost around $7,000 and above and the car owner can save a lot of money which he would otherwise spend on the purchase of gasoline. Most of the conversion kits are available in two types, the custom kit is made especially for specific type of vehicles and the universal type can be used on any type of vehicles like cars and trucks.

Each type off conversion has different tools; it depends upon the type of car which is fitted with the conversion kit. Normally the tools include advance DC motor, adapter, contractor, controller, pot box, circuit breaker, fusible links, amp gauges, volt gauge, shunt, charger, cables and the rechargeable batteries.

If you are doing it yourself without any assistance from any expert, it is always better to follow the instruction of some good guide which will reduce any mistakes.

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