Converting a Honda Civic into an Electric Car

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Converting a Honda Civic into an Electric Car

The Process of Converting a Honda Civic into an Electric Vehicle (EV)

Alternative fuel used for cars are getting a lot more popular, and that includes electric models. Cheaper to run, cleaner, quieter, and extremely useful, these cars are a big deal.

However, getting a mainstream electric car is expensive and difficult. That means that many people are choosing to alter existing vehicles, instead.

Here’s some of the basic information on how to convert an existing older model Honda Civic into a functional electric car. While no article can give you all the details of the process, this overview might be useful.

First, you’ll need to have a good plan for your car, but remember that this plan will probably evolve, since most conversions require a little bit of innovation.

You may end up using a different EV electric motor, controller and other components in your system, or a different voltage. Be willing to change as the project requires it, and you’ll be surprised at how well your DIY electric car conversion can turn out.

Older vehicles, like a Civic hatchback from the late 1980s, are the best choice for a conversion. That’s because they don’t contain as much of the sophisticated computer technology that a newer Civic might have.

Plus, they’re inexpensive and you could get a 1988 Civic with engine problems for a few hundred dollars. Since electric conversions don’t use the original engine, the lack of this very expensive part of the car isn’t a problem.

You will need to pull the engine and know a lot about the car, however. That means getting a good manual that’ll tell you all about your Civic. Helms, Chilton, and Hayes all make manuals for older Civics that will help you work on it without problems.

If you’ve purchased a car very inexpensively, remember that other things might be wrong with it, too. Cars that have been sitting still for a long time may need brake repairs, new CV joints, a new transmission and more.

One smart idea, if you need to replace or repair major parts of your Civic, is upgrading them as you do it. Since your new electric vehicle will be very heavy, better brakes and suspension are common in conversions.

If you need to replace these parts anyway, do it with higher quality ones than are already available in your Civic. You’ll appreciate the improvement and more robust parts when the batteries are in.

With the right tools for electric vehicle conversion, tear down can go extremely quickly. Just make sure to cut as few things as you can, and label everything during the process of disassembly. That helps you make sure you keep the right wires and know where everything goes.

Remember that you’ll probably need to clean the inside of the vehicle, where the engine used to be, since it can cause a lot of dirt and grease to build up.

When choosing a electric motor, remember that Honda motors tend to run backwards from those in most other vehicles. If you don’t use the correct motor and brush timing, your motor could be damaged.

You may have to create your own brackets for mounting your motor, controller, and batteries. Make sure that you allow space between the batteries to prevent overheating, and be sure to install a battery monitor so you know what’s going on in the car.

Charge ports can be installed under the original fuel cap to permit plug in charging. If you are keen to convert your Honda Civic into an electric vehicle, you can do so with minimum investment.

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