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Viair 00073 70P Review – What You Ought To Know

You are cruising along the freeway, with the wind rushing past you along with the signboards. Suddenly having a flat in the middle of nowhere is a really putting your plans for the day, or the evening in jeopardy.

All the more if you have given word to your sweetheart or your family that you will reach in time for a party. But a flat tire will definitely alter that plans. And even if you change the flat tire, with the spare, the efforts drain your energy and you are soaked in sweat.

That is not a good isn’t it. Well the Viair 00073 70P air compressor I am going to talk about changes all that. The Viair 00073 compressor works in 12V and is suitable for medium to light duty inflation jobs.

The compressor is very compact and fits very neatly into the bag comes with it. This can be conveniently placed in the boot, and is very handy should you require it in a roadside emergency or for a pressure adjustment now and then. Works well to inflate bicycle and lawn mower tires.

I have tested the 00073 compressor with other Equipments like, Craftsman, Campbell Hausfeld and a Superflow HV35 from Q Industries for time taken to inflate a 215-70R14 from 0 to 32 Lbs. The time taken by VIAIR 70P is 4.5 minutes, the Superflow HV35 takes about closer to 4 minutes.

The job with the higher end units is smooth and quite. When looking on the advantage of Viair 00073 70P with HV35, these are the salient points
a) Quality build

b) Lower operating sound and

c) Lower running temperatures.

The 00073 model is uses less power, thereby minimizing the chances of a blown out accessory port fuse.

This gives me the impression that the 70P compressor is a reliable one. As for the price, I am sure you will get its full worth as compared to other brands.

I am amazed about how handy and useful my good 70P is. I am stating this after making a good research, and I am happy that I made a choice to buy this air compressor.

This is one kit I carry along with tire plugger and jack, in my car, as a complete set up in case I have bad day with a flat tire. I have not run into such situation yet of late, but I do inflate my tire with my 70P when I found that the pressure is little lower than the specifications.

Believe me this compressor did the job in less than 30 seconds. Yes, not in minutes, in S-E-C-0-N-D-S. From 34 psi to 38 psi, it took just seconds, without much strain for me and there is very little vibration and very little noise.

In summary, the salient features of VIAIR 00073 70P compressor are:
1) Compact design

2) Powerful enough to inflate sport tires

3) Minimum time to inflate

4) Sturdy quality you can trust

5) Can be used in other inflation purposes

If you are thinking of getting the Viair 00073 70P air compressor, click on the button on the right to make your purchase from and have it shipped to your doorstep overnight.

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