DIY Electric Car Plan – Understanding Your Needs

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DIY Electric Car Plan – Understanding Your Needs

Homemade Electric Car Plan

Do you have the desire to buy an electric car? I am not talking about [tag-tec]hybrid car[/tag-tec], but a pure plug in electric vehicle (EV). There’s going to be a lot of buzz in the automotive industry very soon with car manufacturers promoting the heck out of pure electric cars. Chevrolet is creating buzz with their Volt model, Nissan is promoting their Electric Cube and BMW their Mini electric model. Have you check the price of these EV? You’ll be surprised it will cost upwards of $40,000. Pretty pricey for a car don’t you think.

Do It Yourself Electric Car Conversion

Some electric car enthusiast would prefer to convert a conventional gasoline vehicle into a pure electric car. It is not as glamorous, but it does give you the same benefits of any EV such as zero emission, noise free and especially gasoline free. To do that, you will need a DIY electric car plan.

What can you expect from a homemade electric car plan? First of all, you need to understand your driving needs. Most of us would think that we need a car to drive long distances. In actual fact, 90 percent of the time, our car is used for short commute of less than 50 miles.

But if you do need a car to travel long distances for work on a daily basis, you have to understand an EV would not suit your requirement. The best electric car on the road which is the Tesla Roadster has a drive mileage of only about 200 miles before you have to recharge the battery. The normal sedan EV would have a mileage of approximately 100 miles.

Preparing The Plan

When you are drawing up your DIY electric car plan, you have to factor in your daily driving needs. What do you need the car for? Is it for short commute to the grocery store or to pick up the kids from school? Do you have to carry heavy loads?

Based on your needs, you can now start sourcing for the electric donor car. A donor car is basically a car that you will use for your electric car conversion project. The work will involve stripping out the internal combustion engine and replaces it with an electric motor. To power the motor, a series of deep cycle batteries will be used. How many batteries to use again will depend on your requirement or as per your DIY electric car plan.

Outsourcing The Conversion Work

Most people would not have to skill or the experience to convert a conventional automobile into an EV. It would be a better idea to outsource the work to a professional mechanic. To be prudent, you should learn some basic science of an EV. With some knowledge, at least you will know when you are being charged for parts or work not needed on your car.

For a really practical and easy to read electric car conversion manual, check out Les Oke’s Convert 2 EV e-book. Les Oke has been converting and driving electric cars for more then 20 years. Convert 2 EV was written to impart his skill and experience to those new to electric vehicle.

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