What You’ll Get By Replacing Your Gas Guzzler With A Pure Electric Car

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What You’ll Get By Replacing Your Gas Guzzler With A Pure Electric Car

With a growing realization that gasoline/diesel powered vehicles, that include cars, SUVs, trucks and transport buses, all are major pollutants of environment, people have started looking to auto manufacturers to bring out engines that do not emit harmful gases.

In this context, we fancy that vehicles powered entirely by electric engines without there being any fuel to be ignited, may hold the key. There are already some manufacturers who have come out with electrically driven cars. There is no doubt that such vehicles are eco-friendly and we need to know more about them.

Electric cars do not need any variant of fuel and thus can obviate the need to further consume the already depleted petroleum resources; of course the saving in costs thereby could be a huge relief in times of sky-rocketing gasoline prices. By making use of electric motors, engines are highly efficient; some 600% more than internal combustion engines.

Safety from fire hazard in case of an unfortunate accident because of absence of fuel tank too is a huge plus. One extra risk, however, that electric motors carry is the possibility of short circuit on account of overheating of batteries. This risk is rare and even if it happens, the fire is likely to be on a far limited scale as it is explosion of gas tank that makes the fire take gigantic proportions.

There is now a huge support for use of electric cars with mounting concern about environment and the damage already caused to it in the last century. More and more car manufacturers are showcasing their models and their unique features.

As the number of cars out in the market is growing, prices certainly are getting lower. Customers are finding these comparatively small size cars available at affordable prices pretty attractive. They operate without making any noise which too would impress any user in the chaotic scenario the world all around has become.

One feature that goes against electric cars is that they can run a limited distance before need to recharge batteries arises. They are however quite useful for day to day short haul needs.

Tesla Roadster has hit the market and created some ripples with its price tag of $110,000; the manufacturers claim the car can do some 100 miles on one charge at extremely fast speed!

Initially though the price may seem certainly on the higher side, you have to take into account the much lower maintenance cost as there are very small number of moving parts which mainly account for the wear and tear that entails heavy costs in case of petrol cars.

Add to it the saving on fuel cost and you may find the higher price coming back within just a few months.

Another way to reap the benefits of an electric car is by getting your existing car converted; some readymade conversion kits are already available for certain specific makes and models, that prominently include the Geo Metro, Ford Fiesta, and Porsche 914.

With a little technical aptitude, you may even yourself do the conversion saving on mechanic’s cost! Conversion kits could be in the range of $5500-$7000; another $2000/3000 may be needed for battery pack. It is advisable that you asses your daily run before starting the exercise of conversion. If you are doing 30/40 miles a day, an electric version car, whether new or converted, should give you good service.

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