Use Clean Energy By Converting Your Car To Run On Electricity

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Use Clean Energy By Converting Your Car To Run On Electricity

Many times people avoid filling their cars to its full capacity with gas due to the high prices these days. You would definite like to see a wonder happening, so that with a simple cable which can be plugged to the nearest power outlet at home and see that your car id fully charged next morning. Yes this can be possible if you own an electric car.

With the advanced technology all your worries about the rising prices of gas are over. Though this is not something new, electric cars have been there for the last almost more than two decades. There are slight changes in these cars as compared to traditional cars; the inner works have a rechargeable battery pack that provides power to the motor in order to move on.

But apart from electric cars there are cars which have both electric engine and the conventional standard combustion engine, such cars have been named as hybrid cars. An electric car runs only on rechargeable battery pack and the electric battery provides the necessary energy to the electric motor and the car starts moving.

Since the car runs on electricity there is no carbon emission and this makes such cars as non-pollutant car. These cars are highly approved by the environmentalist and the car is known as green car.

These cars have very simple motors which are powered by several powerful batteries which has a standard off and on switches. The switch is attached to motor which also runs on the electric power. The electric motor gives motion to the wheels which enables it to move forward or backward.

The amount of electricity required for the motor and the gear system can be regulated, this enables driver to have more control on the wheels. There are some cars which run on solar energy and are fitted with solar panels; these panels convert the Sunlight into the energy which provides necessary power to run the car.

Electric cars are very easy to operate and can accelerate very fast due to low center of the gravity. Even at the slow speed, the electric car maintains its momentum, so can enjoy your drive and can also take sharp curves. There are many things in electric cars to make it more attractive for the car users who are sick of rising gas prices and want to get rid of the traditional cars.

All those features which are available in the cars which have combustion engine can be found in the electric cars also, the only one thing changes is the source of power, rest all is same. Now you have car which does not run on fuel but on clean energy that is electricity.

You can convert your existing car into an electric car without having to purchase a complete new electric car. This exercise will save you a lot of money; this needs some technical knowledge and a good DIY electric car conversion guide. Such guide provides you step by step guidance in converting you existing gas car into an electric car.

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